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I’m back to doing spin classes at Ride in the Hill Country Galleria. It feels good to be back. These are my friends that I’ve ridden with over four years. It is indoor cycling, and it is intense. This, along with a weightlifting program have helped me lose weight and get my body fat back under 20%.

A recent Harris Poll survey found that 61% of US adults weight fluctuated in the past year, with an average weight gain of 29 pounds among those that gained weight. That blows my mind.

In my last spin session Ali Perry Roberts, our instructor, and my friend, stated discipline is what we do when nobody is watching. I’ve heard that before, but it was especially profound considering us all coming out of isolation from the pandemic. Were we disciplined? The Harris Poll survey may shed some light on that.

Yesterday I had a video conference with my business partner, and we talked about how we track our projects and how we track our financials. I manage the project plans, and I do the invoicing. Certainly, I track both, but I get busy/lazy and I’m not great at the detail. It takes discipline to keep our software updated with both. I know in my head what we are doing, but that doesn’t keep our clients updated, and it doesn’t make it easy to track the invoices. Yesterday we created a format and naming nomenclature to track the projects in more detail. I had created a spreadsheet with invoices but have now added them to our project tracking software. It’s not perfect, but it is a strong start. I must be disciplined.

In what areas do you need to improve your discipline? We found that 52% of sales people adopt a CRM. That means 48% do not. We also found that creates only 47% forecast accuracy and 70% of leads generated go unconverted. There are many reasons why this happens, and we help solve those issues- if the individual has the discipline to take the right actions. What do you do when nobody is watching? Do you have the discipline and processes to create value for your customer?

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