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  • Jerry Phillips

Finding the Right Talent

As the headlines share with us daily, finding talented people to work in your company is difficult. There is a need to always be looking for talent and have a process to attract and hire the right people for the role.

A little history for context: When I helped launch the DeWalt brand of power tools at Black and Decker, our fear wasn’t whether we would grow the business. The fear was could we maximize the growth. Our challenge was not just taking share in the market we targeted but having enough quality people to support the growth. We developed a recruiting process that produced a stellar team of sellers and marketers. Our growth was legendary.

As I’ve worked with other companies, I found the process for finding talent to be hit or miss. The process was random, based on who was doing the hiring. Interviewing was haphazard as well. When I started working with clients on the development of their sales and marketing teams, I found the same challenges.

People are the lifeblood of a company. Without a clear process for recruiting, interviewing, hiring and development of the team, finding the right talent is difficult and limiting to your growth potential. We have worked with clients to develop a rigorous, disciplined process to hire and develop the needed rock start talent.

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