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  • Jerry Phillips

First Day of School Excitement

My four-year-old granddaughter started her second year of Montessori school today. Her mother called us on the drive to school to share the excitement. Elle has a bubbly personality, even on bad days. Today, she was super excited.

What I loved about the call was that she was not only excited about going to her first day of school, but she spent most of the conversation talking about how excited she was that her younger brother would be joining her in January. He will be in the classroom next door to her. She was truly excited for him and it’s over three months before he joins her.

It made me think about how we, as salespeople, treat our customers. Are we excited about their results, or ours? Are we excited about closing a sale, or how it influences our client’s business? Do we truly care? Hopefully it is all the above.

As we work with clients with Level Five Selling and Coaching, we identify the levels of both sellers and coaches based on the way they work. The most productive type is a trusted partner. This is the individual that learns all they can about the customer’s business and their initiatives and works to help them define and create solutions. It may not even be our solution. It may not even be something we offer. The focus is on helping the customer grow their business.

Becoming a Level Five salesperson builds long term, mutually beneficial relationships. Both parties benefit and are excited to see the results.

I’m looking forward to hearing how the first day of school went for my granddaughter later today. I’m confident she will have been deeply involved in the process of learning. I’m also confident she will still be excited that her brother will be in the classroom next door in January. It’s inspiring to see how she is setting an example for her brother, and her grandfather too.


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