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The past week has been an outstanding week for us. I was able to meet in person with a client and as a bonus, I was able to spend time with my family in St. Louis. My grandson turned one.

My grandson was born prematurely and when I first saw him the day after he was born, he was in the NICU. He was so tiny. He had this tiny body, and his legs and arms looked like sticks. My son and daughter in law were there with him in the unit 24/7 for a few weeks while he gained strength to be able to be taken home. One year later, he has grown to a “normal” size and is starting to walk, and he is making himself heard with a loud voice. It’s a miracle that I can’t take for granted.

Colton has a sweet disposition and an inner strength that shines through. He has been through a great deal at an incredibly young age. Whether you believe its nature or nurture, he is more than surviving. This boy is thriving. When he smiles, which he does often, he melts my heart.

Each of us are facing challenges today. Whether its driven by a pandemic, a recession, or a political circus, we are inundated every day with more information than we can process. Our senses can be overwhelmed, and we can just react. We can turn on our autopilot. That doesn’t provide the ability to be of service. When I’m on autopilot I miss details. When I’m in a reactive mode versus a proactive mode, I am not productive.

What do you do to overcome “autopilot” survival? How does it affect your productivity and your service to your customers? A conscious effort to remain relevant, to thrive instead of surviving, keeps me focused.

When I met with my client, I spent time with them conversing about values for their company as they are looking to hire and expand. Three words kept coming up: Humility, Curiosity, and a Learning. Humility to take too much ego out of the picture. Curiosity to continue to innovate. A learner to continue to grow. How do you stack up with the three words?

As most grandfathers will tell you, their grandkids are geniuses and unicorns. I’m not an exception to that. I have three geniuses and unicorns. I love watching them grow up and watching them learn. All three are humble, learning every day, and curious to learn more. I learn from watching them.

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