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With The Strength Of All, Not One Shall Fall

With the strength of all, not one shall fall.

Family is an important part of my life. Early in my career I traveled extensively. We also moved frequently. I promised my kids that when they reached middle school, we would put down roots and stay. I broke that promise and moved them in the middle of my son’s first semester as a freshman in high school, and my daughter’s 6th grade. There was fallout, and we learned from it. I didn’t move again until they both had graduated high school. We moved to Austin, while our kids were both in college.

For our kid’s family is important as well and eventually, they moved to Austin too. My daughter has stayed in Austin, and my son has moved to St. Louis. He loves Austin, but as he says, I love the girl who loves St. Louis.

Several years ago, I was struck with how our family has stuck together through many, many moves, and the challenges that goes with the moves. I asked each of the family members what they believed our family values are. The list was robust and powerful, and the summation became the family motto. “With the strength of all, not one shall fall.”

We have had some major challenges in our business and family lives, and we are consistent in that we can rely on each other. My wife and I continue to learn from our kids. They are adults with kids of their own and they are each a strong contributor to the family, their business ventures, and society. They are fearless, driven, and compassionate. We have our challenges, as you would expect with several type A personalities, but we blend well. We are stronger as a family than we are as individuals.

As we work with our clients, I think about our family motto. The strongest companies are the ones that are focused on having a purpose that each individual understands. They know how their contribution fulfills that purpose. They work as a team to lift every team member. Does that mean that everyone performs at their best? No, but they each have the opportunity and support to perform at their best. If they fail, it’s not from a lack of support. It may be a choice they made.

Does your team support each other and lift each other? Does your business have a purpose that inspires the team to do their best? Can they trust you and each other to support their efforts?

I’m blessed to have a family that believes in each other and supports each other, especially when we are struggling!

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