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  • Jerry Phillips

Are You Aware Of What's Going On Around You?

I was in a meeting with a group last week and one person asked the question, “Are you aware of what is around you?” Then they followed it up with, “Does it wear you out?” Of the people in the group it was about an even split of people who felt they were worn out by having to concentrate on being aware, and people who were energized or at least not worn out by being aware. Is always being aware a good thing or a bad thing? There are benefits to both, I’m certain, but that is not the point I want to make.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a sales capacity for most of my career, but I’m not locked in on having my way all the time. I do believe in my ideas, but I can be moved to a better solution with a give and take conversation. Businesses can’t survive in a polarized environment, where there is no compromise.

There have been multiple articles about associates of several technology companies protesting their companies work with government agencies, such as Homeland Security, Military, and Police. They have every right to protest and to share their ideas for change. Taking an all or nothing stance rarely wins and finding middle ground can benefit both the company and the associates. Compromise always comes to a better solution.

I worked with a leader in my days at Black and Decker who would say, don’t yell fire if you aren’t willing to bring a bucket of water. That has stuck with me through the years. What is the solution that you are supporting? What is your reasoning for supporting your solution? How do we bring a solution that is the best solution for everyone or at least equal amounts of pain?

Businesses are bruised and working to recover from an overnight recession. What solutions are you bringing to the table? What has changed about the way you do business? What are the good things it has allowed you to do? What are the things you miss in the way business is now? I miss the handshakes, and the in-person meetings. It may be some time before we can get back to those, but I try to be aware of what is missing so that I can be intentional in making up for it.

I am with my son, my daughter in law, and my grandson this week. We have not been able to see them over the last 4 months and my grandson has grown. Video conferencing is not the same. We could not have been here without some compromise on both parties. We have taken the precautions to be safe and not spread Covid, and we have been able to spend time with them. My grandson lives in a city that has fewer Covid cases and they were comfortable with us coming. My grandson is very aware. He takes in everything around him, including his grandparents that he has not been around. It took a day or two, but he is wonderfully comfortable with us now. This is a good thing!

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