• Jerry Phillips

Breaking the Routine

We drove to St. Louis to see our grandson yesterday and we used an app to direct us. It took us a totally different way that we had ever driven, and I loved it. It saved us about an hour of drive time and after that long of drive, it was appreciated. It also was new and different. It took us through beautiful venues. Both Arkansas and Missouri have amazing trees and hills. We loved the drive.

It reminded me of my former salesperson who used to drive his territory “backwards” so he would see something new and not just drive past opportunities. How many of us wake up every day and follow the same routine? I know I do. The first twenty minutes of my day are the same. When my wife and I sit down to have coffee, we drink it and start working emails with a little conversation sprinkled in. It’s my fault and I’m recognizing the need for balance.

How many of us do the same thing each day in our business? A few of my friends are starting to retire and they often ask me when I will retire. I answer the same way each time; it’s my company and I love what I do. However, I do understand if you have done the same job for years, and you do the same thing every day, retirement would be appealing.

Breaking routines and doing things in a new way provide the opportunity to stay fresh and relevant. As we head into offices, it gives us a chance to start fresh and look at things differently. Innovations comes from new ways of looking at the same things. Can you be curious about your customer’s business? Can you be curious about the individual? How does that change your day? Be intentional about you are doing and don’t blindly follow your routine.

I’m excited to see my grandson and less excited about another long drive home, but we will take the new route in the opposite direction. It breaks up the routine and makes it more interesting.

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