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  • Jerry Phillips

The Balance Between Logic and Emotion

We are in the process of prospecting for additional business. I spend about two hours a day reaching out to potential clients. I’m working to catch their attention, so my subject line must inspire them to open the email. I need something that appeals to the recipient. That requires some thought and research. What are they trying to achieve that we can support? This can be based solely on logic, but there needs to be some emotional attachment to it as well.

Is emotion, utilized in business considered a weakness? Are business purchases made with logic? I’ve found most business purchases are inspired by both. There must be a logical reason for the purchase, but there is always a personal gain that includes emotion.

Prospecting and selling are hard work. It requires research and creativity. It requires discipline and tenacity. It requires consistency and resilience. It must be driven by logic and by emotion. As you prospect, are you considering both logic and emotion? What is the appeal of your solution emotionally? Defining that may be much more difficult than the logical appeal of your solution. It may be the difference between you and your competitors.

Left brain, right brain; which is more important? It’s a trick question. Neither is more important than the other. Logic informs emotion, and emotions inform logic. As we balance the insights, we arrive at a better solution.

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