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As we work to create effective organizational structure, we create opportunities to hire top sales people and sales leadership.  We have created a proprietary process that allows our clients consistency in hiring top talent for their companies.
A market leader in B2C sales of home heating and cooling products was having difficulty in hiring top leadership talent and retaining their best leaders.  The asked NineRuns to help them solve the challenge.  
We developed a rigorous, disciplined process for recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right talent and onboarding and developing the newly hired sales and sales leadership team.  


We began by defining competencies and “must have” values for each role, through a proprietary process that looked at ensuring the individual would be successful by their desired timeframe.  We identified an interview process with the purpose of preparedness and consistency.  We created questions for each stage of the interview process and a consistent process for measuring the results of the interviews.  We designed an onboarding and development plan for the new hires first 18 months with the company.


 As a result of the depth of and the success of the project, they are rolling it out to additional roles in sales and additional functions within the company.  

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