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NineRuns has worked with many clients over the past decade where we have helped take company strategy and create sales operational plans to execute the strategy.  

Whether the focus is to earn additional profits or gain additional market share, we have been able to create and attain mutual goals.

This particular client is a master distributor for automotive aftermarket OEM parts for imported vehicles.  


They are highly thought of in the industry due to their outstanding quality and service.  They know their product and treat their customers with respect.  


They wanted to continue to grow beyond the growth of the market.  We met with all customer facing stakeholders, including the CEO, sales and marketing leadership, customer service, and sales, to create a strategy for profitable growth.  


With a daylong exercise to understand and create the current situation and objectives, we created a two-page, executable strategy to include organizational structure and process.  Over the next several years we helped execute on the plan.  Since the initial meeting and strategy development, we have tweaked the plan, but the basics have remained.  


The company has more than doubled its revenue and held its profit margins, all through organic growth.  

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