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It's Not Just About Business

Over the past several weeks there have been a tsunami of news stories about the “new normal” and hordes of stories about the effects of Covid-19. There seems to be a polarization of what are deemed to be the right solutions. On one side there is the need to isolate so that we won’t get sick. On the other side is the economic damage that has been done and we need to rush back to the way we were. I’m a person who likes to find middle ground. I would prefer we have an approach of a cautious balance between isolation and full speed of working. I believe we need both.

A few weeks ago, I started reaching out to executives at past and current clients, asking how they saw a restart to business. I found it fascinating in how each saw things progressing. Nobody had all the answers, and nobody had a bullet proof idea of what would take place. It was refreshing to have the conversations though and we are making progress.

Last week I had a conversation with a friend who has a similar business to ours, and I asked her what she was working on. She shared that she was gardening, and that she had learned to play the piano. It was not the answer I was anticipating, and it made me realize that this was not just about business. It made me think about the changes I had made that were not business related.

The first idea was that I was not locked in my office from early morning until early evening. I had started hiking trails with my wife daily. I didn’t even know these trails existed three months ago. I have taken up doing yard maintenance. I looked at my personal credit card and looked at reoccurring charges that I didn’t even realize I was paying for. I’m spending time with my family in St. Louis through video, and in person with my family in Austin. My wife and I have a coffee “meeting” every morning, and frequent (maybe too frequent) happy hours each evening. I don’t want to see these changes end as business progresses. It will take discipline, and I will fiercely guard the time I have for these activities.

What changes have you made that you will protect? It’s not just about business. It felt good to say that…

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