• Jerry Phillips

We All Need Good Coaches

My oldest granddaughter turned 4 the end of May. I know I’m biased, but she is a genius. Even geniuses need coaching.

Recently she started waking up early and getting herself dressed. She has a vivid imagination and is highly creative. She also has a well-developed sense of humor. She decided to dress a little differently last Saturday. She arrived in the kitchen with socks on her hands, and underwear on her head. She couldn’t stop laughing, and when we saw the video, we couldn’t either. Normally, she dresses herself just fine. This time she was creative. Since she had people laugh, she did it again on Sunday.

In our business lives, how often do we believe that we don’t need to coach our best sellers? They are making quota, so we don’t need to coach them. We just let them go and enjoy the results. Do they make mistakes? Could they also benefit from your experience? How often do you make joint sales calls with them to observe and coach? When you coach, are you coaching tactical execution, strategic plans, and performance issues? Be honest with yourself.

As a top seller, are you thinking about how you execute a call and what your next steps are? Are you being coached? We all need an accountable partner to help us grow.

My daughter and son-in-law are charged with coaching and developing my granddaughter. They are doing a terrific job of it. She has the freedom to express herself and she has the guidelines that keep her from going too far, too fast. My daughter leads a sales team, and my son-in-law has a jujitsu school. They both coach tactics, strategy, and performance. Their business lives and their personal lives reflect each other.

Do you want to learn more about being a great coach for selling?


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