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Balance, Patience, and Consistency

I have written many times about my passion for physical workouts. I had to give up running several years ago and two knee surgeries ago. I’ve replaced it with indoor cycling. To be precise, I do 45 minutes of high intensity spin classes at least two times a week.

My spin studio that I rode at for five years closed in December and my new studio CYCED opened in January. The new studio is outstanding, and the instructors are energetic, and great teachers. They have intelligence and heart. They are not just cheerleading. This week I did something I’ve rarely done. I attended a class on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Today, I’m tight and sore in my hip flexors.

The soreness reminded me of what Coral Draper (an outstanding instructor) said last week. The key to anything is having balance, patience, and consistency. Had I lived that mantra, I would probably be walking at a little better pace.

When she shared the thoughts, I was impressed by the depth of what she was talking about. Too often, and I’m guilty of this, we try to push ourselves too far, too fast. The result is we either hurt ourselves physically, or we hurt ourselves in our relationships, business and personal.

I was spoiled early in my career by big wins, and so I began to chase elephant opportunities. Those tend to be long selling cycles so a feast or famine approach. As I started my business, I had to learn balance. The great recession of 2009 caused me to lose 3 very large clients. Because I had not been prospecting, I had a very lean year. It was a learning experience.

I prospect for new clients daily. I balance current clients with prospects. I’ve learned through the years that without prospecting, there are slow times ahead. I must be patient. The clients I work with, and the prospects I reach out to have their own challenges they are facing, and the daily activities may not include answering my emails and the questions I ask. I must be consistent in my process. Not predictable, but consistent. I may not feel like prospecting today, but I need to invest the time for future opportunities. Again, without the investment, there are slow times in the future.

Balance, patience, and consistency. I’ve added it to my white board as a daily reminder.

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