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Commitments or Goals

I just sat down to create the path for 2023, as most of us do this time of year. I was going to compare 2022’s goals with actuals, and I could not find them. That should tell me something. I did not have a bad year. In fact, it was a good year, but not because I hit a group of random goals that I guessed at in 2021.

The difference this year was based on systems and commitments. Rather than set goals and stress over making them or not, I put systems in place to do the best I could. The first area I focused on in my business was to remain curious. In doing so, I can find new ways to add value through reading and listening. That leads to becoming someone who can share thought leadership through my book and my blogs, and my conversations with prospects and clients. My systems are committed time on my calendar with specific materials to read and actions to take. If I follow the system, the process works.

Jim Collins has written several books based on deep research. I was speaking with my friend Doug Roberts, founder of Rocket Leaders, and he shared how he is using the Flywheel that Mr. Collins has written about. The concept of the flywheel is if you work and master the first motion, it leads to the second motion and the flywheel stays in motion. I was inspired by Doug to build my own flywheel and use it for building my commitments and systems for 2023.

The flywheel identifies how I can add value. I use those concepts to create systems to allow me to do the work naturally. The work I do creates the ability to hit my commitments. My commitments are just that, commitments. They are not goals. We all build lofty goals and research will tell you 74% of us miss our goals. I proved that to myself in 2022 when I couldn’t even find the document that I built the goals on.

I’m grateful to Doug for sharing his flywheel and for reminding me of the flywheel that Jim Collins wrote of. I’m grateful for my clients and what they have allowed me to do this year, and what I’ve learned from them. I’m grateful for David Pearson and John Hoskins for allowing me to partner with them in offering Level Five Selling and Level Five Coaching. This year was a year of learning and development and I’m excited for 2023 and the opportunities that the year offers.

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