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Hard Doesn't Mean Valuable

Do not confuse things that are hard with things that are valuable.

Many things in life are hard. Just because you are giving a great effort does not mean you are working toward a great result.

Make sure that mountain is worth climbing." James Clear author of “Atomic Habits”

I recently listened to the book Atomic Habits by James Clear and thoroughly enjoyed it. I made changes to my annual commitments based on the insights it provided. As I’m tracking my commitments, I’m reaching them. Not because I made the goals easier- I didn’t change the goals. I changed the way I look at myself.

If you read my blogs, you know I do intense workouts six days a week. I set workout commitments for 2022 that were pretty dramatic. I was missing them until I changed one thing. It was based on the book and how I look at myself. I put a headline in my goals that said, “I’m an athlete.” I’ve been exceeding my commitments since.

I subscribe to the newsletter that James Clear publishes weekly. It provides me inspiration. This week he started the newsletter with the quote. I’ve started a new offering in my business and I’m building a pipeline for the solution. There are days when it is hard, and I have to force myself to prospect and to keep on track to my commitments. When I saw the quote, I had to look at it against my prospecting efforts. Are they valuable? Is this a mountain worth climbing? The short answer is yes. I love our solutions and what they do for our clients. It’s a full circle offering, and I’ve watched it help our clients.

As you reflect on your business, take a short inventory of what you are working on. Are you working on something that is worth the climb? What can you say no to? What can you focus more effort on? How do you see yourself? Are you a great sales leader? Are you a great salesperson? Are you an athlete?

As we end the summer and start to plan and budget for the rest of the year, what can you work on that is valuable?

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