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  • Jerry Phillips

The Gift of Experiences

I had a conversation with a friend today who has three sons. I asked him about how Christmas was for them, and he shared something that had an impact on me. He shared that they didn’t give traditional gifts this year. They are giving the boys experiences.

He went to his sons individually and asked them what gifts they received for Christmas last year. They couldn’t remember. He asked them what they received for their birthdays. Again, they couldn’t remember. He asked them what their most memorable birthday was. Each described a birthday event. An experience, not a gift.

With that in mind, he and his wife have created a unique experience for each of the boys. They will do something with each individual son. Just Dad, Mom, and the son. I loved the thought put into the process, and I’m certain each event will be memorable. They involved the boys in the process and by asking the questions about past gifts. It was a learning experience for each of the boys as well.

After the conversation I thought about why Brandon is such a success in his business role and tied it back to his personal life experience that he shared:

1. He analyzes the situation to determine wants and needs

2. He understands emotions play a large part in any success

3. He builds a vision of the results of his solutions and how they drive that success

4. He is specific in his questions and that helps him understand the needs

5. He is entertaining and he stands out because of it

I learn a great deal from my friends and clients. Brandon, sharing his story was a learning for me. I continue to remain curious.

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